But the question becomes, if detox is necessary, how is it that I became toxic?

Hi there again folks, it’s Dr. Mike Breen here from the chiropractic family care center, as well as the healthy transformations program. Today I’m gonna chat a little bit about toxicity, this phenomemon that actually exists in virtually every single person. I’ve spoken earlier and at other times about the necessity to do detoxification or detox programs. But the question becomes, if detox is necessary how is it that I became toxic?

The answer is really the environment, the world in which we live. Colleagues of mine have said that from a toxicity perspective, you can run but you can’t hide. In time, we are going to be exposed to these types of things. There’s an organization in the United States called the Environmental Working Group, and over the course of the last number of years they have done tests on volunteers in the United States, where samples of blood are taken to determine the presence of toxic chemicals. At this point there are up to about 287 tests for different chemicals in the blood and they have yet to find a single substance that isn’t present in human blood. Which is not to say that every single person has all 287 and yet most people have most of them. What’s sad about that is that the rate of introduction of chemicals into our environment through industry manufacturing is, some suggest on the order of about 3000 per year, so we’re falling behind. But, evidence suggests that being exposed to these chemicals that come from our environment is having a really significant affect on our health and is one of the primary drivers of inflammation.

So, where do they come from? Each of the tests that I have followed done by the Environmental Working Group has found, that the number 1 most commonly found toxin, in human blood, is in fact flame retardants. To which some people shrug their shoulders and go, “flame retardants, seriously where does this stuff come from?” And the answer is all around us. It’s in building materials, and flooring, and carpet, and drywall. It’s in mattresses, and in blankets, and in children’s toys, and all kinds of different places. There has been a remarkable amount of work done to reduce the risk from fire and that’s not a bad thing, the trouble is that the attempt to do one thing has caused problem on the other side, and now we are exposed to these substances which are known carcinogens, or suspected carcinogens.

Toxicity occurs to light extent to a in our homes as well. From cookware products, and clothing, and all kinds of different things that you wouldn’t necessarily imagine so, things you can do in your home to reduce the urge to use environmental cleaners and really just start to investigate, the nature of what can cause these kinds of problems. So toxicity is just something we have to accept as just as being a common thing and yet we don’t have to just accept it, from the perspective of it is inevitable to stay in our bodies. Doing a detox program is a really, very important thing to do and my recommendation is that everyone ought to do at least one a year or, twice a year to really deal with the presence of toxicity that is in our environment. It’s a real thing, and we need to address it. If you have questions about this, please let me know or and I look forward to hearing from you. Take care, bye.