Rochelle Rae’s Healthy Transformation Story

HI, my name is Rochelle.  My spouse and I own and operate a corporate learning and business growth company, and I have two children (ages 16 and 22 years old).

During My High School Years…

During my high school years, I was a competitive swimmer.  I trained five days a week in the water, three hours a day, in addition to weekly cardio and strength training sessions.   My coach registered me for weekend swim meets and triathlons often.   During these years I was told to “carb load” the night before an event, and to follow the Canada Food Guide to ensure I was eating healthy.  This was my nutritional model for years.

Women swimming

I never had a weight problem until my pregnancy with my first born in 1994.  After her birth, my family Doctor recommended that I lose weight and referred me to Weight Watchers.  Fortunately, the experience was positive and I lost all the desired weight, however over time, I regained it all back and more.

This was the beginning of my weight gain and loss struggles for the next 22 years, which drove me to seek out “new programs” to help me, such as:

Weight Watchers

Personal Trainers

LA Weightloss

Jenny Craig

Michael Thurmond

Food Addicts Anonymous

Ideal Protein

The Anderson Method


Slim Well

I Was Extremely Frustrated

Before hearing about Healthy Transformations, I was extremely frustrated because I had invested a lot of money and time into these programs without getting sustainable results.  My family doctor kept telling me to eat less and exercise more, and to make matters worse, I had lost all enjoyment or desire to exercise.  It seemed like one more chore to do amidst all my other responsibilities and demands of life.

Frustrated Woman

My situation seemed hopeless because I didn’t know where to turn or who to trust.  I began believing that genetics were responsible for my weight problem and I had to “accept myself the way I was” and come to terms the negative physical and mental health, social, and financial consequences that go along with a weight problem.

I Am Persistent and Don’t Give Up Easily

Thankfully I am persistent and don’t give up easily, so I reflected on what my past failed attempts taught me to figure out that what I needed which is a program that would meet teach me about my body; its physiological processes and my mind; to better understand how to break the negative habits that were holding me back from success.  I also realized I needed the help and support of real professionals, compared to hired staff or volunteers with no science background in nutrition or behavioral coaching.

I Was Guided To The Healthy Transformations Free Info Session

I believe in the law of attraction and confident I was guided to the Healthy Transformations free information session on Eventbrite in October of 2016 which my spouse and I attended.  I was immediately impressed by the knowledge and unique perspectives that each Dr. Breen and Christopher brought to the Healthy Transformation program.  I believed there was hope and that if I could better understand how to eat an anti-inflammatory diet and work on changing the behaviors that weren’t serving me anymore, then I could experience freedom.

When I started the Healthy Transformations program, I was at my highest weight, 225 pounds and experienced many health concerns such as osteoarthritis, heartburn, fatigue, and cravings.  I frequently over consumed food and alcohol, I was quick tempered, irritable, anxious, and experienced mood swings.

Eight months later, I weigh 187 pounds (38 pounds less) and I am no longer complaining about the health or behavioral concerns that I experienced at the start.  My family Doctor is so impressed with my annual physical results that he is asking me what I am doing!

…they Are Tremendous Resources

Dr. Breen and Christopher are tremendous resources and guides to help you along your weight loss and lifestyle management journey.  They have been there for me each step of the way, answering any questions or addressing any concerns I’ve had.  They are both empathetic, non-judgemental, and encouraging.  But most importantly to me they are knowledgeable, they educate me, and they are passionate about their respective subject matters.

Do The Work and Trust The Process

Healthy food
Eating the Healthy Transformations way!

There is so much to learn, so I am happy the program is 12 months long.  I now know time and consistently applying the knowledge gained, and practicing the behavioral skills taught, is how the magic happens.  The process takes dedication and courage.  It’s not sexy…. but it will make you sexy!  The truth is this program will transform you if you show up, do the work, and trust the process.  You can’t fail if you execute on what you learn.  This is something I take comfort in and I celebrate!

How Have I Been Transformed?

How have I been transformed?  Well, I can better self regulate now, and I know how to support my body, so in turn it can support me.  I feel more connected to my food and have developed a new relationship with it. I am curious about foods nutritional value and how it can support or harm my body.  I have a greater respect for my body and listen to what it is telling me.  I also am way more aware of my thoughts and emotions and have greater control over them instead of them controlling me.  I now bring the best of me to whatever situation I am in, and I am more aware and better connected to those and the environment around me.

I hope my experience as a Healthy Transformation student will help you realize IT IS POSSIBLE to achieve greater health and happiness (and as Dr. Breen reminds us muscle mass and range of motion…LOL) if only you commit to take the first steps, everything else will fall into place.

All the best along your learning and weight loss journey.  This is the beginning of the rest of your life!

~ Rochelle Rae

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