Detox does not have to be something that is considered to be ritualistic or odd in any way, shape or form.

Good day there, folks. Dr. Mike Breen here one more time from the Chiropractic Family Care Centre and the Healthy Transformations program. In this video blog, I’m gonna talk a little bit about detoxification. Detox is something that is remarkably misunderstood by a whole lot of people. Detoxification includes things traditionally like even bloodletting or fasting and a whole bunch of other phenomena including enemas and all kinds of different things and yet the process of what’s called cellular detoxification is in itself a remarkably scientifically studied process. The understanding of how cells actually detoxify their own environment has been studied for a very, very long period of time and all kinds of biochemists have come to really understand not only the importance of detoxification but the actual processes by which it actually takes place.

So detox does not have to be something that is considered to be ritualistic or odd in any way, shape or form. It is really a very scientific process and yet there are all kinds of different approaches in which people and even practitioners will describe that people are getting detox effects when in fact they’re not getting that at all. One of the key things to understand about detox is that there’s three distinct steps that actually take place within cells of your body when detox is taking place. They’re called activation, conjugation and elimination. A, C and E or what I like to call the ACE process. Again, activation, conjugation and elimination.

Activation is the process of really identifying toxins in the body. Sometimes I suggest that it’s like putting a neon light on a toxin that’s in the body and particularly in the cell membranes is where many of them actually exist. Conjugation is the binding then to these activated toxins or the toxins with the neon lights if you can imagine a little water balloon surrounding the toxin and that’s an important point because getting the toxin to become a water soluble substance as opposed to a fat soluble substance is a very important step in detox and then elimination is pretty obvious. The majority of the elimination actually occurs by urinary function, a little bit by digestive or fecal function, some by breathing in fact and yet most of it’s urinary.

So what’s really key is that from a biochemical perspective, the activation step is actually the easiest biochemically speaking. It involves less nutrient and less, fewer biochemical steps. So the activation takes place really quite easily. Conjugation is in fact the most complex step of these. So when detoxes are not done properly or you’re not using proper materials, what can happen is the toxins become activated but they don’t become captured or conjugated and some of the science is actually suggesting that an activated toxin becomes up to 50 times more toxic in this activated state than it was when you just left it in the membrane. So activating them without conjugating them is a really disastrous step and how do you know if that’s happened? Well, quite honestly, you feel awful, you feel horrible and that’s one of the most common misconceptions about the detoxification process is that when people feel awful, they go, wow, this detox is really working while in fact it suggests that it’s not working. A detox done well is really to the greatest extent an asymptomatic process when the conjugation step and the elimination is keeping up with the activation. So you really want to use very, very good materials to do a detox process and if you have questions about how that should be done, please reach out to me on my website, or the Healthy Transformations website, We’d be happy to give you more information on how to do this and do it well.

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