Christopher Lawrence

After working in corporate Calgary for 15 years, Christopher was depressed, anxious and overweight. On a whim, Christopher left his job and took control of his life.


He is now a Certified Master Coach Practitioner who has a passion not only for formal education but also experiential learning - education that comes from living life. Leveraging these experiences, he is able to draw clients into a space that allows them to connect with their inner dialogue and inner motivation. These are the pieces that already know how to achieve your best life. He is results driven and wants to ensure clients are experiencing positive change - even if it is a little uncomfortable sometimes.

As a Certified Master Coach, he truly cares about the success and achievement of every single person he comes into contact with. His goal is to revolutionize the weight loss industry by bringing to the forefront the habits, behaviours and accurate knowledge required to ensure successful weight loss.

Christopher Lawrence is the Founder, Chief Value Officer, and Personal and Professional Change Coach of Change My Life Coaching & Change My Business Coaching – one of the fastest-growing life, leadership and business coaching firms in Calgary. Christopher started out in a one-room tiny office, and in five short years has turned the business into a thriving 6-figure company – with no loans or outside funding. In doing so he has welcomed over 700 individual and corporate clients, subscribers and enthusiastic fans, and became a published author!

While in Corporate Calgary for 15 years, Christopher established a strong focus in change management, interpersonal conflict, communication and increasing motivation and focus among individuals and teams. He is also an in-demand and engaging speaker, offering in-person workshops and virtual tele-classes, and trains life coaches Canada-wide. He uses these skills to ensure successful weight loss in the Healthy Transformations Program.